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Under applicable law on insurance intermediation, insurance brokers, including Blue Oak Brokers, do not receive commission in Denmark. Unless prohibited by law, we may receive commission based on agreements that are negotiated by companies that we subsequently acquired or when we act as insurance intermediaries for another insurer. Outside of Denmark other rules and regulations apply. We can provide further information upon request.

  • Our international services focus on understanding the customer’s business, industry and individual needs. Our recommendations and solutions are always based on what is in the customer’s interest.
  • In the cooperation agreement we describe the level of service and value we offer, including our remuneration form.
  • Our customer relations are characterized by clear, complete and sincere communication.
  • To continually improve the quality of our service, we encourage our customers to email with comments, criticisms or suggestions for ideas of improvements.
  • In order not to raise doubts about our impartiality, our employees must not receive gifts, travel trips or anything else that may be the subject of an additional payment from suppliers.
  • We do not accept additional or hidden commissions from suppliers.
  • We practice insurance brokerage according to our best practices using the Blue Oak Independence model.
  • Our customers benefit from our global knowledge by making our international resources available locally to help our customers achieve optimal solutions.
  • We ensure compliance with business principles through a number of internal controls.